Bulova Sea King Watch Repair

Published: June 4, 2014

“It was Dad’s favorite watch. I remember when he bought it in 1969. He was so proud of it.” So ended Matthew’s conversation with a customer in Georgia about their just-repaired Bulova Sea King.. We sent Seamaster back later that day.

Bulova Sea King Watch

Bulova Sea King Watch


The customer told me that their father had tried to have the watch repaired to no avail. In fact, it it had gone in a box when it “couldn’t be repaired.”

We repaired the watch. It was not an easy repair. There were two main issues. First, this Seamaster had a “lifetime” sealed mainspring. We had to break it apart, service it, and reseal it. I suspect this was the original issue with the watch. In this process we replaces the barrel arbor.

Secondly, we had to repair the hairspring. The stud was mangled. I’ve never seen a mangled stud before – this was obviously the work of a past watchmaker. I restudded the hairspring and straightened out what was really a big mess of a hairspring.

Once I knew I could correct these issues, I cleaned and serviced the rest of the watch. To make sure it worked well, Matthew wore it over a weekend.

If you have a Bulova in need of repair, we would love to service it for you. Currently, we anticipate a six week wait time for service jobs, with some jobs exceeding that time frame. Sometimes we are able to beat that time.

If you have questions about service options on any watch, please call us at 800-251-1584.