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Mail-In Instructions

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Print and fill out this form.

It’s easy. Just a little bit of information about you and your watch. Be sure to put this in your box when you ship it so we know it’s yours and how to reach you when your free estimate is ready.

Customer Information Form
Customer: Please ship with this document in the box with your watch. Without it in the box, we don’t know who owns your lovely watch.

Get your watch “ship ready”.

We beg you: do not send us original packaging or nice watch boxes. These often get damaged in shipping, and we do not ship back anything sent to us other than the watch and our shipping materials.

Bubble Wrap

We highly recommend wrapping your watch in bubble wrap.

Sturdy Box

A brown envelope mailer isn’t enough to protect your watch. Use a strudy box.


Your watch is valuable. Be sure to purchase insurance from the shipper.


Ship it to us.

Once you’ve filled out the information sheet and gotten your watch “ship ready”, it’s time to mail it to our incredible technicians for an assessment and prompt estimate using the address below.

Ship-To Address

We Fix Watches
6025 Stage Road
Suite 42-242 Memphis,
TN 38134

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*Return shipping is $15 if service is not performed after estimate is given.