Omega Watch Repair

Published: October 7, 2020

From time to time, a customer will tell us that their Omega Watch is their most prized possession. Some of these customers simply love watches. Some love their watch because one of their parents wore it. Some love their Omega because it was a gift from a special someone. We take these feelings seriously, and treat your watch the way we would want our prized possession treated.

Our watchmakers are Swiss-trained and have obtained CW21 Certification – the highest level of certification currently available in the United States. We have also made significant investments into both our workshop and equipment. To repair your Omega, we use only genuine Omega parts.

We offer a full range of repair services for your Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, or DeVille.

Our standard full service incorporates the best of industry standards, and is performed with one goal in mind: to make your watch run, perform and look as close to new as is possible. Our services don’t merely make your watch tick. Instead, we fully service your Omega – movement and case. We then aggressively test it to make sure that it meets or exceeds factory specifications.

Every watch receives a written estimate, normally within a day of receipt. We do not begin the service of your watch until we have answered any questions you may have and have received authorization from you.

Repair procedures vary slightly between chronographs, automatics, and quartz watches. We will take you through the repair of

First, we uncase your watch. This includes opening the case properly, so as not to damage it and removing the movement from your watch case. Next, the dial and hands are carefully removed and placed into containers to protect them. We store your Omega’s hands, dial, and calendarindividually so they do not become scratched or damaged.

At this point we make sure the mainspring is fully unwound and run the watch through a four stage ultrasonic cleaner. We call this the preclean, and perform this for two reasons. The first is that as we disassemble the watch, we inspect every component to see if they need any adjustment or have wear and need to be replaced. Being able to see the parts in a clean state allows us to better assess them. Having the watch precleaned also makes the cleaning by hand of the movement easier. It is in this initially clean state that we clean jewels with pegwood, and clean pinions and arbors in pithwood.

At this stage, we have a somewhat clean, repaired, and adjusted watch, albeit a disassembled one. The next stage takes “somewhat clean” to “perfectly clean. Your Omega’s disassembled movement is now run through a second four stage ultrasonic cleaning process in solutions reserved for precleaned watches (after 8-10 watches, the final clean solution is rotated to the precleaning machine).

Reassembly, lubrication, and fine adjustments are now performed. Please note that we use only synthetic oils to service your Omega. Synthetic oils last longer than natural oils, resulting in greater service intervals – a better bang for your buck.

After reassembly, we perform preliminary timing. The timing of all mechanical chronographs is checked in six positions at four states: fully wound with the chronograph on, fully wound with the chronograph off, wound down 24 hours with the chronograph on, wound down 24 hours with the chronograph off. This is the first step of quality control.

When timing is conquered, the watch is “dialed.” The calendar (if present), dial, and hands are reinstalled. Hand alignment is checked in four positions, and the chronograph is engaged and reset 5-10 times to ensure that the hands properly reset.

In parallel to servicing your movement, your Omega’s case has been disassembled and undergone preliminary cleaning to prepare it for refinishing please note the use of the word “refinishing” and contrast it with “polishing.”

There are a variety of finishes on your watch, including sunburst (radial lines) finishes, line finishes, grained finishes, blasted finishes, and polished finishes. We are professionally trained to refinish your watch and can preserve or restore its original shape and various finishes. Whereas simple “polishing” can reduce the sharpness of lines, our training and equipment allow us to return your watch to you with sharp, well separated lines and finishes. Where appropriate, we use a lapping machine to achieve flatness. Very few repair shops have lapping machines. Even fewer are competent to use them.

Now, the case is reassembled with new gaskets and any components requiring a new replacement. If water resistant, we test the water resistance of the case without the movement. First, we run a wet vacuum test on the watch to -0.8 bar. Second, we immerse the watch in a Roxer Natator 125 pressure testing machine. This machine has stunning capability. We test the watch to its rating + 10%. Finally, the watch is run through our Roxer Revelator, which first heats the watch to 50° C for five minutes before rapidly cooling it to 5° C for one minute. This should create light condensation in the case. What we are testing for is to make sure that it goes away in under 1 minute.

These water resistance tests cover the scope of conditions your watch is rated to be used in, whether this be diving, high altitude, or simply going back and forth between a cool building and a hot summer.

Now, the case and movement are united. Cased timing is performed. The case is sealed and the watch undergoes our four day testing process. This includes time on a wrist simulator to make sure that the watch keeps excellent time in all positions and that the automatic winding mechanism is properly performing.

During the four day testing, we compare the watch once a day to our regulator. We note the difference each day, and use this data to make any final timing adjustments required.

At this point, we take payment via Paypal, and return your Omega to you.

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