A Customer Thank You Regarding an Elgin 571 Pocket Watch

Published: December 8, 2013
Thank You for the Thank You!

Thank You for the Thank You!

Earlier in the year, we repaired an Elgin 573 pocket watch for a customer in Mississippi. This was a difficult repair – the hairspring of this watch was not flat – it was helical to the tune of several inches when we removed it from the watch. We were able to repair the original hairspring after many hours of work. Thank you, Mr. Crabb, for your thank you note!


It reads:

Dear Mr. Nowlin,

My deepest thanks and appreciation for the watch repair. My grandfather attempted to have it fixed sometime in the late 1960’s, and my father tried around 1988 and again in the Mid-1990’s. The Elgin passed to me ten years ago. The Journey is finished.

Best regards,
James H. Crabb

P.S. It is running well, keeping accurate time, and looks excellent

This was one of the most difficult repairs we have made all year, and we are glad it turned out so well for the customer.