The Mystery of the Glass in the Waltham

Published: June 4, 2014

I received a lovely Waltham Pocket Watch from Canada that turned out nicely for repair. Besides being gummed up from old oil, the movement had a lot physical obstruction in the train of wheels from, of all things, glass. The watch’s crystal had been shattered, but the glass was pink and I haven’t seen many men’s pocket watches with pink crystals. Well, actually, I haven’t seen any. Further, the glass was too thick to have been a hunting case crystal.

The mystery is simple: where did the glass come from? And how did it get under the dial? It was far too thick to have simply passed under the dial to where it was. I doubt it was put there on purpose, but that is the only way I can imagine it getting to where it was.

Anyone have any ideas where 1.5-2mm thick pink glass could come from?