The Sears Roebuck Special

Published: November 28, 2013
This "Sears Roebuck Special" is an oddity - I was unaware they existed!

This “Sears Roebuck Special” is an oddity – I was unaware they existed!

Updated January 16, 2014: Added a picture of the refinished dial at bottom of post.

Here is an oddity: A “Sears Roebuck Special.” This was made by Illinois Watch Company as a “private label” watch. Illinois did a lot of private labeling, and we see them in our shop often.

If you’re not familiar with watch designs, a giveaway to this being an Illinois Watch Company product is the engraving style. I’ve seen that style of engraving font staring back at me from more Illinois pocket watches than I can remember!

Refinished Pocket Watch Dial

The refinished product!

This watch needs a balance staff, and the customer has elected to have the dial refinished. I didn’t mind the dial refinish on this watch as the dial didn’t match. An old “Illinois” dial, all you could see on the dial face was “ois”. Further, the dial wasn’t porcelain.