Fixing Schroeder: A Charlie Brown Watch Repair

Published: December 2, 2013
This piano player can keep time again!

This piano player can keep time again!

One of my favorite customers brings me quite bit of repeat watch repair jobs to our Collierville, TN location. He loves buying new watches and many of them need attention. He recently brought in a Charlie Brown watch that has a drawing of Schroeder on its dial. It wasn’t working. He loved the watch and asked us if we could repair it. We of course told him we would do our best to oblige him.

The watch had a very old cell that had leaked, and that had caused the damage to the watch in the first place. Cells normally leak well after they have lost their ability to power a watch. It is a good idea to replace a battery as soon as the watch stops running for this and other reasons.

The had an E. Gluckus 9GB01 movement (disclosure: the previous link is to several of these movements we have for sale). We were able to replace his movement with a Japanese made Orient 9GB. The repair was straightforward as the hands and dial for perfectly.

We hope our customer gets many years of joy from his Charlie Brown “Schroeder” watch. There is just something fun about fixing a watch with a piano band!