Chinese Movements: Longain Y128 and Wellgain Y128 Movements

Published: November 15, 2013

We’re back in the shop almost full time after a long hiatus of not being here and of then being here part time. I (Matthew) am really glad for this. I missed my watches.

One of the first jobs I tackled upon my return was a quartz watch that had been damaged at a jewelry store during a battery replacement. The store had crushed the crystal while trying to put the case’s back onto the watch. Most likely, they didn’t use a wide enough die in the crystal press. This watch had a Longain Y128 movement in it. Chinese movements offer great pricing to manufacturers, but they are hard to find replacements for.

Miyota 2035 and Longain Y128 side by side

The Miyota 2035 (left) is a commonly available movement suitable to replace the Y128 (right).

To cut to the short of things, I have found that the Miyota 2035 or 2035 Super serve as solid substitutions for Longain or Wellgain Y128 movements. Dimensions of these two movements are virtually identical, and I haven’t had to modify any dial feet.

Hands are a tight fit going onto the Miyota 2035, even though the hour and minute wheel posts are listed at the same dimensions (70/120/17). Make sure you take things slow when swapping over, and know that you should be prepared to broach the hands out slightly.

The stem is different between the Y128 and Miyota 2035 movements, but in my experience thus far, the Y128’s have all had a tap 10 stem, just like on a 2035. You will have to size a new stem, but since the tap is the same you can probably use the old crown if you’re not dealing with any water resistance issues.

Normally I hate substituting non-original parts into watches when I repair them. In this case, doing so serves the customer well. The 2035 has a longer battery life than the Y128 (2 years for standard 2035 and 4 years for 2035 super vs. a claimed 1 year from the Y128) and is a higher quality movement. The 2035 super is twice as expensive as the 2035, but in the grand scheme of things, a single battery change would save the customer that cost.