It’s not just a watch, It’s a Rolex™.*

Using only the highest quality, space-age, Rolex-approved tools and
machinary, we deliver your Rolex back to you in
“same as new” quality. Guaranteed.

The Service Process

Assessing and Estimating

Every Rolex is thoroughly inspected prior to the estimate.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Proper ultrasonic cleaning allows proper polishing. Each case component is ultrasonically cleaned prior to polishing, before each polishing stage, and after polishing is complete. This ensures that there is no contamination from previous polishing stages. The ultrasonic tanks we use for case cleaning are custom built and driven by a Rolex recommended ultrasonic unit.

Case Refinishing

We use the latest procedures to refinish your case to like-new condition, including Menzerna compounds. Using proper refinishing procedures means that you get a better refinishing job with far less material removed than traditional polishing methods using traditional jeweler's rouge to polish. We reference your case number to ensure that each surface on your Rolex receives the same finish it had when it was purchased new.

Bracelet Refinishing

Your Bracelet receives the same attention to detail as your case - and the same wonderful finish.

Servicing The Movement

Your movement will be inspected, disassembled (while continuing inspection occurs), cleaned, and reassembled by a watchmaker with a CW21. After disassembly, the all movement parts are cleaned in a 4 stage ultrasonic cleaner. The movement is then reassembled and hand oiled. Proper oiling is applied to every component. The rules of lubricating - proper quantity, placement, and cleanliness - are second nature. All gaskets and seals are replaced to ensure that your Rolex stays dry and clean. And at each step, only genuine Rolex parts are used.

original damage

repaired & rebuilt


Your watch has been refinished and serviced. Now, it must face up to its first test - timing. The timing procedure is thorough. Each watch is tested at multiple power reserve levels in multiple positions. The watch must meet factory set requirements for accuracy and amplitude in all positions. We are proud to use the best timing machine in the world to test timing - a Witschi Chronoscope.

Water Resistance Testing

The second test your Rolex faces is water resistance. Every Rolex case has a specific water pressure rating, and we maintain the equipment to verify the integrity of your case at its maximum recommended pressure level. Your Rolex will be tested using the most appropriate tester in our arsenal - a Rolex ref. 1050 (pictured), a Witschi ALC 2000, or a Roxer Natater 125.

Simulated Wrist Wear

The final test is simulating wrist wear. Testing your Rolex in this manner ensures that it keeps proper time on a long term basis and that the automatic winding mechanism is functioning at peak efficiency.

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