A Loveley American Waltham Pocket Watch

Published: June 23, 2014
0 size American Waltham Pocket Watch

A 0 Size American Waltham Pocket Watch

This is a recently serviced American Waltham pocket watch. This customer was located in Oxford, MS and brought the watch to us for repair.

The case, dial and hands on this watch are stunning – and I’ve chosen to share just the dial  and hands with you. At each hour you’ll see what looks like rubies – this is actually painted and the process for making this would have been similar to the process of making china. The markings on the inside of each hour are also painted on.

The gold hands are in excellent shape as well. We’re often asked what gold hands with intricate design are called. This particular type of hands are called “Louis XV” hands.

This watch required a full service – complete disassembly, hand oiling, and regulation. We also replaced the mainspring in this watch with a white alloy spring. White alloy mainsprings are considered lifetime springs.

Anyways – we fixed this watch. We’ll be happy to fix yours as well – give us a call at 800-251-1484.